LED EMG L12S 3016LI (With Li-Ion 11.1V 8000mAh)

Product Description:
Consisting of module and battery pack designed to fit LED luminaires and convert them to stand –by lighting units in case of mains failures. It is compatible for use with constant current led driver.

In the event of a mains failures, the converted luminaires will remain illuminated for the rated duration of 2 hours (minimum). The luminaires will resume normal operation and the battery will be recharged upon resumption of the mains supply.
The charger/inverter module conforms to :
o Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (89/336/EEC)"
o And "Low Voltage Directive(73/23/EEC)"
Product Features
a. Operate 40W constant for Down Light LED
   Operate 40W constant for LED LINE
b. Complete with Li-ion Battery
c. Constant current LED emergency module
d. Duration in emergency mode 2 hours
e. Time for full recharge of the battery 24 hours
f. Lumen factor 0,90
Voltage : AC 220-240 V  50-60 Hz
Current : 0.04 A
Rate power : 5 W
Battery charging : 24 hours
Charging current : 200MA
Discharge current : 1.75A
Suitable light source : ED Lamp 40W
Battery specification : 2 x Li-Ion 11,1V 8000 MAh HT (High temperature)
temperature : -10…+55 °C
Highest surface temperature : 70 °C
LED charge monitoring Test Switch : Switch between emergency and normal lighting function, should have normally open switch